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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Summit Go-Riders Storm Aston Hill Mashup DH

These days the boys from Summit Go-Riders aren't content with testing themselves XC racing (although they're pretty good at that too!)......On Sunday 6th September, 7 Summit riders entered the Aston Hill Mashup DH Race - and did FANTASTICALLY!

For many of the boys it was their first DH race, and some were riding hardtails, so even more kudos to them! Huge congratulations and BIG respect to:

Juvenile (13-14) Cat
Ollie Raja-Brown 5th
Seth Kanaris 9th
James Perry 10th
William Lea 13th
Tom Barrowcliffe 14th
Jacob Scott 19th

Youth (15-16) Cat
Josh Scott 16th

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