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Monday, July 13, 2015

A big thank you to the Summit65 team

Summit 65 went like a dream, the rain held off for most of the day. The Chiltern Cycling Festival held events for all types of riders, with Summit MTB providing Go-Ride for the young riders, the 30 and 65 Km off road events and a promotional stall for our retro MTB Classic on the 31st of August.

Results and Pictures will be published on

Returning riders of the Summit 65 events were very positive and complimentary towards the organizing SummitMTB team.

Thanking all our members who entered in the Chiltern Cycling Festival events.

A special thank you to the  Summit MTB Team who gave up their weekend; 

The Go Ride Team
Zoe Allsop
Baz Barrowcliffe
Tim Pie
Asti Kanaris
Caz Lunt
Neil Dingle
Marco Gaminara
Jim Donald
Leigh Benger
Jacob North

Go Ride Young Volunteers (official and otherwise!)
Tom Barrowcliffe
Josh Scott
Seth Kanaris
Lucy Allsop
Finn Mitchell
Katie Allsop
Alex Benger

The Summit 65 Team

Simon North 
Gary Colet
Damon Lawrence 
David Wale
Stephen Cull
Murray Chapman
Kim WIlcox 
Andy Daymond 
Boyan Pulic 
Richard Key
Graham Wallice
Jenny Wooding

Thanks also to contributors to the summit 65 event

Rob Watkinson
Gavin Jones
Richard Rollins
Paul Baguley

You all made our best attended ride event ever.

Sign-on Summit 65 

The Off - controlled by British Cycling's - Mark Doel and Summit65 leader-  Stephen Wooding

Bring on

Wining Summit65 Team Leader - Diane Kendall - Team  SummitMTB Ladies

The Herbert's Hole Route Split

Stephen Wooding
Summit65  Leader

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