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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Builders of the new Snake Hill at Lotts Wood

Snake Hill - Lotts Wood ready for Go-Ride

Well done to the Snake Hill Builders who made this new section at Lotts Wood,  the course is in such good condition now so  if you have not ridden it get down there - one of the best single track circuits in the Chilterns.

Thought I would test the very new Snake Hill out tonight,  Zoe wanted riders on new section before the Go-Ride MTB event this Saturday. So that was my cue.  The new section is fabulous and it will only get better when it beds down. It is much better than that boring climb up to the start position. I must say I could not do one of the bends on my 29er the camber is slightly negative and difficult when climbing when it is wet but again it will bed in. Quite tough to ride the new section I normally do four laps but just had no energy left to do the last lap  so called it a night. The course is very  good, totally clear and I never tire of it. Well done to all that helped  build it. 

Your Stephen Club Captain

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