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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Saunderton to to Thame on the Phoenix

3rd Club Ride of the year - Saunderton to Thame on  the Phoenix  

The original ride was going to be Wayne's  Classic Hughenden - West Wycombe ride but I decided to switch to an 'easy' route:-  The Phoenix.

As far as I know this ride was a first for the Club.

The ride was the third Club ride of the year, admittedly not as well attended as the first two. But I think all four of us were glad to just ride.

The four riders; Andrew T. (back in the club after a break),  Ian W.  Rob W. and I  braved the windy weather, fortunately the rain held off.  The start was a challenge just getting to the Phoenix, and I felt glad that we were not trying to negotiate Wayne's course. We charged through  100 yards of flooded road at Horsenden and then on to the Phoenix. The windy weather lucky was blowing across us, so the going and coming back from Thame was OK.

With just four of us we stopped at Rumsey's - Yes Thame has one too -  for a drink paid for by Andrew T.
Welcome to the Club Andrew. Perhaps you have set a precedence - new members buy the chocolate.

On the way back we were flagged down by a campaigner on the Pheonix a member of, apparently 46 acres of field near the Pheonix is going to be turned forever black.

Ashridge Ride

Clare organised this ride the turnout was very good, Ian S2 helped  Clare lead this ride, a lovely sunny day on tracks in Northchurch Common and Ashridge that I had not done before, which is pretty impressive as I have been lead round it many times with Mark Dobson who knows it like the back of his hand being born in the area.

Well done to Ian S2 for leading the fast riders on an extra loop of Ashridge.

Wendover Arm of the GUC.

The first club ride of the year.This ride was well attended and another  first for the Club

I had always wanted to make this a club ride as so many people do not know the Wendover Arm of GUC exists. The wet weather was my excuse for doing it. The Wendover Canal was never finished, it is a 6 mile strip of  nature reserve and quite picturesque, we were plagued with punctures (1:40 hours of stoppage)   Steve Wilson decided  to have one of those tubeless flats where you discover all the thorns (8 I think) which give your freshly inserted  inner tube an instant puncture - been there done that.

As we started from The Lee the ride was not all at one level and I think after 18 miles of riding the climb up to Kings Ash on Hogtrough was a challenge  for all.

  Finally can I say well-done to  Rob W  - new to the club who has ridden all 4 Club rides under my captaincy 

Please come along to the next Club ride

Regards  Stephen Wooding
Summit MTB Club Captain

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