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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Club Ride 10th February
WHEN we drove through the puddle that covered the entire road under the railway bridge by Saunterton Station, I knew the club ride was going to be challenging.  That puddle came in handy in the end, but more of that later.  The weather (cold, wet, threat of sleet) had not deterred 17 hardy souls who set off to cycle a loop from Saunterton, Bradenham, Hughenden, West Wycombe and back.  We soon warmed up and the mud whilst plentiful was wet and easy to cut through.  Wayne was leading and took us up along the valley trying to avoid the worst of the mud.  All was going well until the end of the Hughenden loop when both a ‘mechanical’ and a flat tyre slowed and stopped us long enough for everyone to cool down and realise just how cold and wet we all were.  A group decision was made to descend into West Wycombe and then find the quickest route back.   To those that know the start of the footpath that leads to the hill down to West Wycombe, it is usually disgustingly muddy at the best of times.   Today it was peddle deep with no escape.   Once through the quagmire it was a slide down the hill and a speedy hack on the road round the back of the Golden Ball.  Hightailing it back to the station the puddle under the bridge became a make shift bike bath especially for those that had worn through their brake pads and couldn’t stop.  Special mention to Ben who travelled from Greenwich and then had to wait 50 minutes for the next train.  Here is a short film made by Gavin of the ride to give you a flavour

 Ride Leaders Needed
HERE is a list of the dates for the Sunday morning Club rides until November.   At the AGM I put provisional routes against these dates but in reality I can’t lead all these ride mainly as I don’t know all the routes well enough.  Please let us know If you want to lead a ride telling me where and when.  If none of the dates are suitable pick another and we will post that up as an additional bonus exclusive super special club ride:
March 17th
April 14th
May 12th
June 16th
July 14th
August 18th
September 15th
October 13th
November 17th

Night rides
We decided at the last committee meeting that a monthly Friday night ride would be a lot of fun.  Starting around 8pm, shortish (around 2 hours) and finishing near a pub.  Simon has volunteered to lead some but ride leaders are need for the others (Flackwell Heath, Marlow Bottom or High Wycombe anyone?).  We have pencilled in the following dates.  Please shout if you know a great pub that is conveniently located next to some singletrack (muddy footpaths may have to do for now) and would like to lead:
1st March - from the Hart and Magpies, park in Bottrells Lane/A355 lay-by
26th April - TBC
31st May - TBC
28th June - from the Squirrel, Penn Street
26th July – TBC
30th August - TBC
27th September - TBC
1st November -  TBC

May weekender
Our annual May weekender is set for Friday-Sunday 3rd-5th May and we are aiming to take a group of 10-15 to a couple of trails in Wales near Aberystwyff.  The plan is to ride Machynlleth CliMachx on the Friday and Nant yr Arian on Sat/Sun.  Keep the date free and let me know if you are interested.  I am currently looking for accommodation.

Club Clothing
We will be doing another order for long sleeve tops.  If you want one please let me know (available sizes S 36”, M 38” ,L 40”, XL 42” and XXL bigger than 42”).

Tech Tip – Avatar
If like me you had problems getting your Avatar up on the Forum Gavin has produced a step by step guide to guide you through the process which is available here.

Keep riding

Club Captain

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