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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dunwich Dynamo

Lets ride to the coast they say... Dunwich Dynamo anyone???

Whats that... Its a semi organised ride from Hackney to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast 120ish miles away... Oh and its through the night...

....Well okay, but how do we get home...

.................Lets ask the W.A.G.S to pick us up...

YEAH there is a plan

So Saturday 24th July we all met at Sam's house, girls and boys to go on our seperate journeys to the coast. The girls set off towing the trailer for a night out in Lowestoft, which apparently has a dangerous beach and a strange pub as highlights, via stops for coffee and traffic.
Us Boys set of for london on our rag tag fleet of road bikes via Beaconsfield station we find out the longest ride Adam has ever done is 30miles so we think this will be a long night, but Adam as always makes things look very easy...
We cycle across London only getting slightly lost on our way to Hackney and the so called start, so called because there is no start its "go sometime after 8pm and we will see you at the beach". We enjoy the last orders at the BBQ and generally nervously chew the fat, looking at the oddities of London cycle culture.
Ive never ridden in a pack of 200 riders, let alone through traffic and it has got to be experienced at least once!! So through the sights, smells and sounds of east London we head towards the wilds of the Essex border.
The locals didnt know what to make of us all as we headed along our merry way...
"Ere Trace, ive just seen the F*****g tour de france go past... No lie init" has to be the quote of the year.
Then once out of the traffic the groups flowed along at a merry old pace, with chatting and banter along the way.
Having the advantage of GPS, yes cheating to the purist, allowed our merry band to just ride and have fun without worrying about getting lost in the dark. And so it would seem did about 40 other riders, when after an emergency stop to rescue Adams rear light from falling off a large group pulled in with us and waited until we set off again. Brilliant.....
A stop for lunch at about 1am for sandwiches in a local village hall at the half way point spirits were still very high. Once refreshed setting back out into the night in another large group for the final half to the beach.
So what did we get for our troubles, no sleep, some saddle sores, the best breakfast ever, but most of all a fantastic experience that we are already discussing next years event and maybe even a few other long rides of our own.
A massive thanks to the girls for enduring the traffic, Lowestoft and smelly tired boys on the way home....More info here:

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