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Monday, June 28, 2010

Phew what a scorcher!

Under blue skies and blazing sun, 11 club riders met in the Hodgemoor Wood car park, Chalfont St Giles -  group was made up of: Andy(me), Dave, Frank, Gary, Geoff, Martin, Matt, Patrick, Reece, Steve, Stuart.
The ride begun by us dropping down through Hales Wood where we had the first puncture less than 5 minutes into the ride.  Fortunately we only had one more.  A quick sprint along to Amersham & then up the first hill, Finch Lane, to Little Chalfont.  After that it was over to the Chess Valley where we dropped down a feisty downhill with a washed away gully full of loose stones.  Frank's shin came off worse with a loose rock flying up, there was a puncture and a dented bottom bracket, no one died!  We then climbed up the same side of the valley crossing over to a set of bomb holes where we all behaved like teenagers, grabbing millimetres of air & whooping.
From there we went past Chenies Manor, crossed the A404, dropped down the hill & under the underground, looped over to Chorleywood & into Philipshill Wood.  In there is a lovely swooping track through the trees that brought a smile to all.  We crossed Nightingale Lane where we cut through the woods cand crossed Harewoods Downs golf course.  Finally we climbed back up to Hodgemoor Woods for a quick lap, involving a bomb hole, the bumps & the jumps.  Ride done, at the car park Patrick gave an impromptu unicycle demonstration - show off!
Thanks for a great ride.

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